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We have all heard stories regarding students who find the entire process very complex, with so many rules and regulations that vary from country to country. Let us assure you that these stories are all true. It is immensely difficult to get a student visa, not to mention that this process is quiet frustrating and time-consuming. This is exactly why you need the help of an expert.

At Kanan International - Karnal, you are assured the most accurate information and the best assistance which the student need. Our experience in education consultancy allows you to focus on your studies, while we take on the responsibility of helping you prepare a better student application, which in turn will enhance your chance to secure a student visa.

Also we have very high percentage in the 90’s with respect to success in visa approvals for Canada, USA & UK. Our MD - Mr. Rakesh Sachdeva has an immense consulting experience and key industry contacts which lay the foundation of our vision with respect to the visa processes.

We have simplified the rigorous and time-consuming process of sifting through innumerable career opportunities at numerous universities throughout the world and provide you in-depth, step-by-step counseling to make this seemingly protracted search a cake-walk.

So, you can just stop worrying and simply start preparing.

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