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Pre-Departure Services

Kanan International organizes pre-departure training sessions for the students and our counselors leave no stones unturned to clear the doubts. Also, it has been observed that majority of students traveling abroad face confusion and fuss while in airport, transit, landing, luggage etc. We at Kanan Karnal explain each and every aspect of pre-departure formalities to the student so that they are free from all sorts of tensions.

    All information is very important for your future status in Canada.
  • Book your air tickets well in advance right after visa to reach at Canada before college get start
  • Student can travel maximum 30 days prior to program start date
  • Please make sure you should attend orientation of the college because you will get important information related to Study schedule, Course curriculum, Scholarship, Off-Campus work permit, Immigration Rules & Regulations.
  • Keep once set of visa documents with you. (e.g e-medical copy required at the time of work permit application)
  • Almost all colleges provide services for accommodation & airport pickup, get registered with colleges and keep confirmation copy with you along with address and contact number provided by college.
  • Medical Insurance: It is recommended to purchase Medical Insurance from India because it covers travel insurance from your home to college. You MUST also take College Insurance. (It is not included in your tuition fees)
  • MOST IMPORTANT: It’s not advisable TO CHANGE COLLEGE because it will affect your future application for Work Permit/Immigration Visa. Student must have to appear as a full time student by studying 4-5 subjects per semester for at least two semesters (As per rules and regulations of Canadian High Commission for International Students). Student will not be allowed to change college under Canada SPP. If students change college then it is student’s responsibility to inform CIC or Canadian High Commission about their status.
  • If student has to study the same subjects that he has studied in India then he can get those subjects as credit by consulting the International admission officer. Student needs to select & study four subjects per semester for at least two semesters then only student will be eligible for off campus work permit.
  • For Fast Track programs, student must carry College Transcript, Course curriculum and detailed syllabus attested by College or University.
  • In case any problem arises in Canada please consult International Student Office at your colleges and they will resolve your problem.

  • What you must carry in your hand bag?

    • Original Passport as well as original visa approval letter (Computer Generated Letter including UCI and Application number), you cannot enter in Canada without this letter which include – please show this letter to the Canada Border Service Officer upon asking on arrival to Canada.
    • Keep all academic documents and IELTS score sheet with you along with offer letter of college you got visa
    • All receipts of payment (tuition fees + GIC)
    • Keep complete address and contact number of your receiver or where you will be staying
    • Set of visa application form filled at time of application for further WP & PR application
    • GIC Certificate & Customer Welcome Package which student has received on direct e-mail (Need to sign GIC certificate)
    • You should carry Forex of CAD $ 3000 to $ 5000 CAD in form of Demand Draft, Travellers Cheque, CAD $ 500 cash and change of cad 15 – 20 dollars for trolley @ airport

    Note: If you pay 1st year tution fee, then you need to keep the arrangement of 2nd year tution fee, approximately   after 8 months. (Before Completion of the First Year)


    • You should learn to prepare food like rice, dal, roti, tea and coffee.
    • You should learn driving.
    • Learn household work like Cleaning, Moping, Polishing shoes and laundering.
    • As you are aware that winter in Toronto is very cold, please take woolen wear like sweaters, jackets, gloves, socks, and cap. Please ensure that the woolen wear should be of branded company.

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