Campus: CALGARY

 Province: ALBERTA


  Sep 2021



About St. Mary's University:

 Based in Calgary, Alberta, St. Mary’s University is an innovative teaching and research university that provides affordable, accredited and highly valued degrees in the Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education.
 Through the pursuit of knowledge and service to the community, University prepare students to become lifelong learners, engaged citizens and compassionate members of society.
• Located on a historic site in Calgary, Alberta, our students are inspired to combine academics with a passionate commitment to ethics, social justice and respect for diversity of opinion and belief.
• St. Mary’s south Calgary campus is easy to get to and great to be at. Less than a 10-minute walk from the Fish Creek-Lacombe C-Train station and plenty of free (yes, free!) parking.
• Best of all, St. Mary’s University is literally next door to one of North America’s largest urban parks:Fish Creek Provincial Park.
• Expect to see deer, hares and plenty of birds sharing your campus green spaces and taking a walk in nature will recharge your mental, physical and spiritual batteries like nothing else.
• St. Mary’s has 875 full and part-time students, 80 full and part-time faculty, and an average class sizeof 25.
• St. Mary’s University is accredited to offer four three-year Bachelor of Arts degrees with concentrations in General Studies, English, History, or Psychology.

• Why Choose St.Mary’s University?
   - A LEADER IN POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION, open to all, and focused on developing the whole person: mind, body and spirit.
   - St. Mary’s has over 1000 full- and part-time students, 150 full- and part-time faculty and staff, and an average class size of 25
   - A liberal arts university that gives specific knowledge in your area of study and enhanced skills needed for lifelong career and personal success.
   - Open, welcoming university for students of all backgrounds, from all faiths and no faith, from across Calgary and beyond.
   - Highly conducive learning environment where interacting with peers and the professors is the norm.
   - Learning focused on mastering teamwork, communication, critical thinking, creativity, research,and analysis.
   - Proximity to Fish Creek Provincial Park provides exposure to the wonders of nature and valuable opportunities for recharging the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being Location.

DLI: O19273782872

Location & Campuses: 14500 Bannister Road SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2X 1Z4

Application Fees: CAD$175

Tuition Fees Range: CAD $ 12,070* per semester (*Cost may vary accordingly)

IELTS Requirements: Overall 6.0 Bands not less than 6.0 Bands.

Important Remarks: 
• Paper based application.
• Application processing time 2-3 weeks
• We can use unofficial documents to review your application. If you receive a conditional offer of admission,we will require official documents to meet your conditions.
• Graduated from an accredited or government recognized secondary school with average 55% GPA
• For conditional admission, you are required to provide English proficiency scores.

Mr. Rakesh Sachdeva





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Special Requirement:

For conditional admission, you are required to provide English proficiency scores.

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