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About Norquest College:

NorQuest College is a publicly funded, post-secondary institution serving 19,354 Learners - 57 percent of whom are born outside of Canada - 115 languages spoken on campus- 119countries of Birth-offering a diverse, multicultural learning experience.
64% of our Students are Female Students in NorQuest.
NorQuest College offers certificate and diploma programs in health, business, technology, and community studies, as well as English language training and high school courses through academic upgrading.
NorQuest College services reach from Drayton Valley in the southwest, to White court in the northwest, and to Wetaskiwinin the southeast, encompassing 26 communities. Three regional campuses complement the Downtown Edmonton campus ofNorQuest.
The following sectors (in decreasing order) are the leading employers in Alberta: Retail Trade, Healthcare and SocialAssistance, Construction, Scientific, Professional & technical services, Educational Services, Accommodation, and food services, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Leasing

Advantages of Studying at NorQuest College:

  • Workforce Relevant Programming In-demand Programs
  • In most Programs students can get hands-on CanadianExperience and have the opportunity to work outside the classroom setting Work Integrated learning Options.
  • Small classroom size Get personal attention
  • Excellent Graduate Employment rate 92%.
  • Excellent College Services & support
  • International Students Scholarships

Advantages of Studying at Alberta:

  • Alberta is the only province that does not charge PST- Less Tax
  • Alberta workers have the highest average weekly earning highest Minimum Wage in Canada - $15/ hr.
  • Attractive Provincial Immigrant Nominee Program? Alberta's GDP in 2018 was CDN$338.2 billion- The third-largest economy in Canada.
  • Safe and welcoming environment
  • Excellent transfer system among Post-Secondary Institutes

DLI: O18795996622

Location & Campuses: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 1L6
 Downtown, Westmont, Drayton Valley, Stony Plain, Whitecourt & Wetaskiwin

Application Fees: CAD$150

Tuition Fees Range: $ 17,100 CAD Approx.

IELTS Requirements: Program Specific

Important Remarks:
- Students can submit the official transcripts from their high school and any post-secondary College or university attended (if applicable)
- The high school transcripts or Post- Secondarytranscripts can be verified by the principal or registrar office of the institution attended.
- Copies that we receive should not be opened by students, agents representative, or their friends/family members in any way. As we will only accept sealed transcripts.
- Students or agent representatives can mail the official transcripts to NorQuest College provided the transcripts are sealed.

Employment Opportunities (While Studying):
Working On-Campus
- Students must be studying full-time at NorQuest College.
- All jobs available to students

Working Off-Campus
- Students may be eligible for an Off-Campus work Students may be eligible for an Off-Campus work.
- For that student must:
  1. Be studying full-time at NorQuest College
  2. Work a maximum of 20 hours per week during class time
  3. Work Full time during study breaks and vacations.

Help available on Campus
- Student Career & Employment Services - There are many ways that NorQuest College can support students.
- Resume writing, job boards, interview skills, career fairs

Employment Opportunities (After Graduation):
Working After Graduation
- Eligible students can apply for a Post Graduate work permit
- Students must apply within 180 days of graduation and must have a valid study permit.
- Students can only apply once
- Students may be eligible to get up to a 3-year work permit after they graduate depending on the duration of their studies.

Becoming a Canadian resident:
- Students can apply to become a Permanent Resident in Canada.
- Information about all permits and permanent residency can be found on

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP):
- Alberta Opportunity Stream - 6 Months Experience
- Alberta Express Entry - 300 Point

Scholarships, Bursaries& Awards:
- Current scholarship of $ 2000 - $ 3000 CAD is available for students who have 85% or above at Norquest. This student must have spent at least 1 month in Norquest and must have submitted a Statement of Purpose.
- Following a Different Kind of Scholarships Available In NorquestCollege.
    International Student Academic Excellence Scholarship = $ 2,000
    International Student Integrity Award = $ 1,000
    International Student Community Developer Award = $ 1,000
    International Student Bursary = $ 1,000
    International Student Emergency Bursary = $ 3,000
    The College is planning to launch an International EntranceScholarship Award Soon.





Application Fee


UG Percentage


PG Percentage


Conditional Acceptance


Backlog 3 Year Program


Backlog 4 Year Program


NIOS Acceptance


Special Requirement:

Notarized scanned transcripts Required

IELTS Overall:
IELTS Single:

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