Province:  QUEBEC
Location:  MONTREAL
Category: College
Intake:  JAN (Open) MAY (Close) NOV (Close) SEP (Close)
Application Fee:  WAIVER (MONTREAL)
IELTS For UG: 6.0(5.5)
IELTS For PG: 6.0(6.0)
% Req. For UG: 52
% Req. For PG: 52
Backlogs For 3 Year Program: 4
Backlogs For 4 Year Program: 8
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Total Courses Available: 8
About Cegep Marie Victorin College:

 Formerly a private college, which became public in 1993, Cégep Marie Victorin is an institution of higher learning that offers quality training in a stimulating and humane learning environment.
 Cégep Marie-Victorin offers an urban and modern environment, in a setting surrounded by green spaces, an exceptional place to study and work!
 Cégep Marie-Victorin is committed to providing a stimulating educational environment and living environment for its students and employees. Numerous improvements were made by employees and students in several Cégep common spaces, in addition to the integration of new high-tech equipment and the addition of specialized rooms in several programs of study.
 The Student Affairs Department at Cégep Marie-Victorin assists the students in various aspects such as Accommodation, Financial Assistance for Studies, Help with job search, Health and Psychological Services, Help for students with special needs, Student Sport as well as School and Professional Information Center.
 Cégep Marie-Victorin offers more than 5,000 students (youth and adults) pre-university and technical education programs (DEC), developed according to the competency-based approach as well as attestations of college studies (AEC).
 The Cégep Marie-Victorin has more than 600 employees, proudly and actively involved in educational success in the approximately 3,800  students attending the regular school's educational programs.
 Cégep Marie-Victorin has four policies, governing research activities in the institution, as well as a research ethics committee that makes it possible to carry out and implement several research projects.
 Cégep students and the community on the east side of the island benefit from the largest sports complex in Montreal, as well as being one of only 6 FIFA certified stadiums in North America.
 Since 2002, the Cégep Center for Multicultural Education has been welcoming foreign students to programs related to the business world and developing strategies to facilitate the integration of immigrants into studies and the world of work.

DLI: O19359201717

Location & Campuses: 7000 Rue Marie-Victorin, Montréal, QC H1G 2J6, Canada

Application Fees: Waiver

Tuition Fees Range: CAD$30,686 Total Tuition fees of the Program (Including Health Insurance)

IELTS Requirements: 
Overall 6.0 No less than 5.5 for UG.
Overall 6.0 no less than 6.0 or Overall 6.5 no less than 5.5 in each for PG

Important Remarks: 
 First or Second Class with minimum 52% in Core Subjects.
 Maximum 8 backlogs for Bachelor’s education and Maximum 4 backlogs in Two years of higher secondary education.
 Applicants may be accepted with maximum of 2 Years of Gap. Applicant with a study gap exceeding 5 years will not be considered(Need to demonstrate relevant work experience).
 26 Years age Preferred.
 Applicants must demonstrate relevant employment experience with employee reference letter if the gap in studies is more than 2 Years.
 Admissions are given based on first come, first service as the college is having limited seats.

Mr. Rakesh Sachdeva

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