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Why is there a module of Reading in IELTS ?
Submitted by   Manu Arora on Dec 17 2019 5:58PM
 Category: IELTS
Reading is an integral part of IELTS which basically involves the IQ level of the test taker and the ability to interpret information in a concise manner under tight time frames. It is not just a matter of 40 questions, rather it involves the fundamentals of grammar and lexical resources. Alongside, the test taker needs to strategize and streamline distinct individual strategy to ensure accuracy

Countless talents have kneeled in front of the so called section in IELTS known as 'Reading'. In the current calendar year itself, I have witnessed a number of havocs relating to students not reaching the magic figure of a quadrupled sixes in the exam designed by Cambridge. The usual culprit is the 40 questions packed module of comprehensions which is nota piece of cake for many.

Now the decade old question 'why include an IQ related section of verbal'. Well, the true intention of making millions of students worldwide undertake the reading section is to make them understand the depth of lexical resources and true meaning hidden in the collection of words.A word in itself may not be daunting but when these strings of characters combine, magic happens, literally. History is a witness that Irish and Welsh poets have ruled the words just with a sequence of well written proses.

Imagine a student being promoted to an English speaking nation. Now, without the reading section, the native world of that foreign country will appear as an alien space for that poor chap. The fluent in habitants will be creaming past stellar sentences and this expat will struggle for the most of the gist.

Consider another scenario. An immigrant gets an offer of lifetime on the counts of immense talent. Everything is bright but it takes a hefty hour for this resource to draft just an email because the reply is based on another incoming query which needs to be clearly understood. Apparently,expectations are skyrocketed as the bucks reach the six figure mark.


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