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Time Management, the key to a high band scores
Submitted by   Lovenish Godia on Dec 11 2019 3:07PM
 Category: IELTS
IELTS is an exam which requisites 2 hours and 40 minutes. Accordingly, it is a supremely important part for the learners to manage their time as time is very crucial for all whether they are beginners or advanced. However, practice with consistency improves the learner to achieve a higher band score. "One should not be afraid of growing slowly but be afraid of standing still".

Preparation of anIELTS test is often considered as a tedious task to achieve a higher bandscore, which generally creates chaos among the scholars. 


A candidate shouldconsider numerous factors about band descriptors in every 4 modules which areas follows:

  • Time management

  • Acknowledgment of strategy

  • In-depth knowledge 



Time management is anessential factor that a student should follow as IELTS is all aboutbrainstorming and the completion of tasks within the given time frame.



A candidate must bequite attentive towards the total allotted time that is 2 hours 40minutes, which causes anxiety and fear among them.

Thus, it degradestheir performance. 



You are required togive an exam within 1  hour. For this, you need to follow the strategiesand tips.



·        You are required to completethis module within 1 hour. For this, you need to follow the strategies andtips.

  • There are 3 sections in this module, and each section comprises of troublesome and tricky questions. 

  • Hence, some candidates find it an uphill task to attempt all questions in the given time.



Time managementstrategies to be followed in each section of the reading module are:


  •  Scanning and Skimming- A learner should adopt these strategies. 


  • To be more precise, Scanning means looking at all parts carefully to detect some features.


  • Skimming means the way of quickly reading the individual paragraph to note only the important points. 


  • Roughly a candidate should allocate 15-15-20 minutes on each of the three sections, respectively.


  • A candidate should not devote much time to a particular question. However, the question can be overlooked later.


  • In the last ten minutes, the candidate must focus on resolving the unattended questions.


  • Do not panic and get nervous while solving the question sets.

The rest of the modules will be covered in the next blog.

Key Quote: Value time and time will value you more.

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  Gaurav    Dec 11 2019 6:47PM
Well said wating for your next blog mam

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