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Submitted by   Varisha Chaudhary on Dec 18 2019 4:48PM
 Category: IELTS
Grammar plays a crucial role in performing well at IELTS particularly in the writing and speaking module as these two modules require efficiency and accuracy in grammar. If you are not aware of the basic concepts, you can never score good as the wrong usage of grammar reduces your score thereby making it mandatory for every learner to initiate with grammar only.

Well, IELTS is all about the English language, and any language is nothing without grammar. In layman's terms, grammar is the backbone of any language.

 For this, you should consider the following grammar topics as an initial step towards IELTS.

1) The basic concept of Tenses

2) Parts of speech ( noun, pronoun, verbs, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, articles)

3) Modals

4) Active-passive voice 

5) Sentence structure

6) Punctuation

Merely getting knowledge of all the mentioned topics is not enough, one should practise with consistency, to gain accuracy and perfection to take the IELTS exam. 

Let's know the role of all these topics in IELTS. 

  • TENSES is the foundation of grammar. It helps in forming and expressing your ideas properly.
  •  For writing task, there is a requirement of ACTIVE-PASSIVE VOICE and SENTENCE STRUCTURE to make effective and efficient writing. There's a requirement of different sentence structures like compound and complex. 
  • PUNCTUATION plays a vital role as a wrong punctuation mark can change the meaning of a sentence. 
  • MODALS and PARTS OF SPEECH are used to make a sentence meaningful, and each part of the speech plays a distinct role.

On the whole, it is a mandatory step to be followed by the learners which can help them to crack IELTS with the desirable band score.

 Moreover, a pupil should take one step at a time to get perfection and clarity. Wrong use of grammar reduces band score so it's better to start with the basic concepts of grammar. 

How we can help you-

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  Sunita    Dec 18 2019 10:23PM
Very useful.

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