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Important tips and strategies for speaking module .
Submitted by   Shruti Dhawan on Dec 17 2019 5:38PM
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Speaking is a module of IELTS which is comparatively easier and scoring as compared to other IELTS modules. This type of module tests the fluency, pronunciation, grammatical accuracy and vocabulary of the speaker with efficient and effective time strategy. Body language and the way of speaking are essential criteria to judge a speaker. A Speaker should not hesitate while speaking.

Speaking Tips and Strategies


Speaking is a module that comprises three eminent sets namely introduction questions about general topics, cue cards, and finally, follow up questions.

This particular module tests your communication skills, pronunciation,fluency, lexical resources, grammatical error, and accuracy. 


Basic requirements for a good speaker:

  1. A good speaker should not hesitate while expressing his/ her ideas and opinions. 
  2. Body language of the speaker especially hand and face gestures are very important which can create a long-lasting impression on the examiner.


Tips for attending Part I questions-:


Introduction Question: This part covers general topics such as work or studies, time management, water, patience, hobbies, hometown or city, name, and it's meaning, and so on.

  1. A basic tip in Introduction questions is to speak about 2 to 3 lines about the topic.
  2. Firstly, introduce the topic and then come to the exact point to cover the length of the answer.
  3. The first line of the answer should be an idiom or phrase, which can leave a good impact on the listener.


Tips for attending Part II questions-:


Cue Card question type:- You will be given near by three minutes to cover the given topic, out of which 1 minute is for preparation and approx. 2 minutes is for speaking.

  1. The main strategy to perform this part is all about disguising the topic, which means that a speaker should always alter the topic's appearance to hide its identity, and a speaker can easily cover 2 -3 lines on the introduction of the topic.
  2. For instance:- 


 Cue card topic: Talk about an interesting conversation you had with someone.

  •  To begin with, a speaker should first discuss the person, his traits, his persona, and relation with whom you conversed. 
  • The topic should be covered like a story that includes a PPF technique, which means past, present, and future events.
  • If a cue card is spoken like a story, then it will surely sound interesting to the listener.
  • A speaker should also concentrate on the length of the cue card as the topic should be spoken only for 1.5 to 2 minutes.


Tips for attending Part III questions-:  


This type of question includes follow-up questions which are related to the cue card. 

  1. The main strategy of this type of question is to answer the questions for at least about 30 seconds or up to 4 to 5 lines.
  2. The length of an answer can be covered by giving suitable and appropriate examples.


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