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How to score more in IELTS writing module? | Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Karnal, Haryana - Kanan karnal
Submitted by   Amit Lather on Mar 26 2020 3:10PM
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IELTS Writing test is the module that most of the students find difficult to score. Kanan International Karnal helps those students by providing them the most useful tips that help them to score more in exam. Here at Kanan Karnal, all our dedicated and determined mentors who are well equipped with knowledge continuously inspire and help you to achieve the goal of your life.

Writing is an essential module of IELTS which not only test your grammar but also other components like paraphrasing, task achievement, lexical resources, coherence, and cohesion. I guess all of you are pretty much familiar with the above-mentioned requirements for the band score.

You are always advised to include examples (e.g.) as well as compound and complex sentences but none of the mentors motivate you to use a variety of sentences.

But here at KANAN KARNAL, all our dedicated and determined mentors who are well equipped with knowledge continuously inspire and help you to achieve the goal of your life.

Today, I will guide you through some fine details to achieve your desired score by using a wide variety of sentence types in your essay starting from SIMPLE, COMPLEX, COMPOUND, PASSIVE, QUESTION and ending on CONDITION sentences.

Example Topic: The government should ban sugary drinks.

Simple sentences: Simple sentence only has one idea e.g. sugar makes people unhealthy, people gain weight from sugar. Use 5-6 sentences.

Compound sentence: (1 idea+1 idea):e.g. sugar makes people unhealthy as well as it harms their teeth. Use 4-6 sentences.

Complex sentence: e.g. While some people will support the ban others will be against it. You should use at least 5 or 6 complex sentences (using although, because, rather than, which and so on) in order to obtain a high band score.

Passive sentences: e.g. sugary drinks are known to be harmful. Please use 2-3 sentences without any grammatical error.

Question sentence: e.g. But would a ban on sugary drinks work? Use one question sentence in your writing task.

Conditional sentences: e.g. If the government had banned sugary drinks earlier then we would not have obesity issues now. One should use 1-2 conditional sentences.

So, including all the above-discussed sentences in your task with a range of vocabulary and striking the right balance with the sentences will definitely enhance your chances of scoring higher band scores in writing. Making a habit of using these sentences in your Speaking Module will also provide you an opportunity to touch a band score of 9.

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