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How CD-IELTS is better than Paper delivered?
Submitted by   Varisha Chaudhary on Apr 9 2020 5:42PM
 Category: IELTS
This blog will help you to understand that How CD-IELTS is better than Paper delivered. In the present scenario, almost every individual is getting accustomed to the technology. They like to spend more time in using computer screens, laptops and iPads instead of doing any pen-paper based work as with the incline in the innovation, their comfort level increased.

Well, irrefutably, this generation doesn't like to do the mundane work, and the pen-paper is no less than any boring thing. It's quite exciting to complete the tasks via the keyboard. So, here is the good news for all the IELTS aspirants, who are quite familiar with using a keyboard, you can take the Computer-delivered IELTS test.

Why take CD IELTS?

The main purpose of offering CD IELTS is for those students who are customary to typing than to writing. If you are good at typing and can type with pace, you must go for CD IELTS. Apart from it, if you have bad handwriting, you can think about it. Not only this, but there are various other benefits also.

Advantages of CD IELTS

  • More test dates and sessions available
  • Result within 5-7 days
  • Less crowded and more organized test centers
  • No page flipping
  • Can increase font size

How CD IELTS is better than Paper-delivered?

Well, I must say that Reading, Listening and Writing module have become much easier with this innovation. 

Have a look at how :


The best part of this module is that you can have the passage at the left of your screen and the questions at the right. There is no more need to flip the page every time you need to see the question or paragraph. Moreover, you can adjust the font size according to your ease. What is more, you can even highlight a particular word, line or paragraph if needed. Isn't it great?


You will have all the questions on your screen along with the options. You just have to click on the right option, and in some of the questions like a map, you just have to drag the option from the given list in the test. That's quite easy! You will be given 2 minutes to review your answers at the end. Another advantage is that you can jump to any section later on and you can even have a look at the bottom of the screen of the questions that are not attempted by you.


Well, it doesn't take much time to increase your speed as nowadays, everyone type on their cellphones, and knows the directions of alphabets so, you just need to practice a little. The best part of this module is that you will have a word count at the bottom of your screen that surely does save your time. Moreover, it's easy to edit your writing as you can cut, copy and paste. Besides, you will also be provided with a pen and paper to make notes and plan ideas.


Nevertheless, the speaking session remains face to face with no change.


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