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Best IT Courses to Study in Canada
Submitted by   Jitesh Sharma on Oct 1 2020 5:51PM
 Category: Study Visa (Canada)
The technology sector is the highest growing sector in Canada & due to this rapid development of IT in Canada, technology whales like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. have seen and studied this growth. Also, the job prospects after studying in Canada are also high. More than 90% of the graduates get employed in less than six months after studying in Canada.

Benefits of Studying IT Courses in Canada

  1. More focus on practical learning.
  2. Huge market for quality IT experts.
  3. More pay scale than any other country.
  4. Co-Op options Available.
  5. Courses available in Diploma & PG Diploma specializing in a particular trade.

Popular Programs in Canada:

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the service over the Internet that allows us to storelarge data stored on the remote server hosted on the internet. It helps us tomanage, and process data on the remote server, rather than a local server or apersonal computer. After completing this course the student can work in alltypes of cloud environments - public, private and hybrid clouds, and in allsectors of industry including cloud service providers, government, banking,commerce, enterprise, telecommunications, as well as small- and medium-sizedindustries.

The Average Salary for Cloud Computing in Canada is CAD$ 99,637

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a research field that studies how torealize intelligent human behaviors on a computer. The ultimate goal of AI isto make a computer that can learn, plan, and solve problems autonomously.Graduates of this course can work in research or projects with robots, languageprocessing, or knowledge technology.

The Average Salary for Artificial Intelligence in Canada is CAD$89,921

3. Cyber Security

Cybersecurity course helps in protecting systems, networks, and programsfrom digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing,changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; orinterrupting normal business processes. Professionals of this course findcareers in a different range of sectors including computer systems design,financial institutions, public administrations & government departments.

The Average Salary for Cybersecurity in Canada is CAD$ 66,004

4. Mobile Application Development

In this course, the student will learn how to develop a MobileApplication for different Operating Systems like Android & iOS. Thisprogram will allow students the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skillsin applications for mobile and tablet devices. After completing the coursestudent can start a career such as iOS programmers, Android programmers, mobileapplication developers, software developers, computer programmers, programmer analysts,database developers, database specialists.

The Average Salary for Cybersecurity in Canada is CAD$ 64,566


The best Colleges/Universities for the above courses in Canada are:

1. For Cloud Computing:

2. For Artificial Intelligence

3. For Cyber Security

4. For Mobile Application Development


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  khushi    Nov 30 2020 4:29PM
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