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Important tips and strategies for speaking module .
Speaking is a module of IELTS which is comparatively easier and scoring as compared to other IELTS modules. This type of module tests the fluency, pronunciation, grammatical accuracy and vocabulary of the speaker with efficient and effective time strategy. Body language and the way of speaking are essential criteria to judge a speaker. A Speaker sh......

 Dec 17 2019 5:38PM  |    Shruti Dhawan  |  IELTS  |  Read More

How to achieve maximum IELTS band in the minimum time frame?
A Highly-skilled English learner needs to focus only on the typical structure and pattern of the exam. Thus, achieve the desired scores in very less time as they already have prior knowledge of the language.Regular practice in various modules is imperative for a higher band. 4 Band descriptors and their requirements can motivate the candidate to be......

 Dec 3 2019 5:40PM  |    Shruti Dhawan  |  IELTS  |  Read More

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