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What are the different skills that are evaluated by the IELTS test ?
The best way to crack IELTS is nothing but to clear your basics first. You should have precise knowledge of all the skills that IELTS demand so that it would be easier for you to get a higher score in the exam. It will also assist you in how to utilise these skills in your performance. This gives you a concise idea from where and how to start witho......

 Dec 27 2019 5:41PM  |    Naveen Bala  |  IELTS  |  Read More

Mock test series by Kanan (MTSK)
IELTS Mock Test Series by Kanan is a test designed to assess the ability of people who need to go for further studies and to build confidence among candidates. Candidates will receive their results in the form of day-wise 'band scores' according to the mock test series pattern that is, 2 weeks prior to their exam date. The entire test takes around ......

 Dec 23 2019 5:12PM  |    Lovenish Godia  |  IELTS  |  Read More

Grammar plays a crucial role in performing well at IELTS particularly in the writing and speaking module as these two modules require efficiency and accuracy in grammar. If you are not aware of the basic concepts, you can never score good as the wrong usage of grammar reduces your score thereby making it mandatory for every learner to initiate with......

 Dec 18 2019 4:48PM  |    Varisha Chaudhary  |  IELTS  |  Read More

Why is there a module of Reading in IELTS ?
Reading is an integral part of IELTS which basically involves the IQ level of the test taker and the ability to interpret information in a concise manner under tight time frames. It is not just a matter of 40 questions, rather it involves the fundamentals of grammar and lexical resources. Alongside, the test taker needs to strategize and streamline......

 Dec 17 2019 5:58PM  |    Manu Arora  |  IELTS  |  Read More

Important tips and strategies for speaking module .
Speaking is a module of IELTS which is comparatively easier and scoring as compared to other IELTS modules. This type of module tests the fluency, pronunciation, grammatical accuracy and vocabulary of the speaker with efficient and effective time strategy. Body language and the way of speaking are essential criteria to judge a speaker. A Speaker sh......

 Dec 17 2019 5:38PM  |    Shruti Dhawan  |  IELTS  |  Read More

Listening tips and strategies to achieve desired band score..
Listening is a task in which candidates try to perform with a quick step, but listening needs more patience, time, and work. Therefore, a learner needs to concentrate on uphill questions carefully and check their spellings too. Likewise, a listener should develop the habit of unbreakable concentration as well as avoid to get stuck on missed questio......

 Dec 16 2019 4:45PM  |    Lovenish Godia  |  IELTS  |  Read More

Attention B tech Engineers, Health Science Students & HRM Students !!
Attention B tech Engineers, Health Science Students & HRM Students !! Call@ 9996307600 High Demand in Canada with huge salaries for Occupational Health & Safety Management professionals reported salaries over $1,00,000 CAD Annually !! We are pleased to inform you that a recent 2019 survey by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professi......

 Dec 11 2019 6:42PM  |    Rakesh Sachdeva  |  Study Visa  |  Read More

Time Management, the key to a high band scores
IELTS is an exam which requisites 2 hours and 40 minutes. Accordingly, it is a supremely important part for the learners to manage their time as time is very crucial for all whether they are beginners or advanced. However, practice with consistency improves the learner to achieve a higher band score. "One should not be afraid of growing slowly but......

 Dec 11 2019 3:07PM  |    Lovenish Godia  |  IELTS  |  Read More

How to prepare for IELTS Exam?
Certain rules are to be considered while preparing for the IELTS exam which should be strictly followed by the pupils to achieve the desired band score. Systematic planning and practice helps in improving the areas of weakness and can strengthen the ability for a better outcome. The time required to prepare for IELTS may depend upon the skills o......

 Dec 4 2019 5:41PM  |    Naveen Bala  |  IELTS  |  Read More

How to achieve maximum IELTS band in the minimum time frame?
A Highly-skilled English learner needs to focus only on the typical structure and pattern of the exam. Thus, achieve the desired scores in very less time as they already have prior knowledge of the language.Regular practice in various modules is imperative for a higher band. 4 Band descriptors and their requirements can motivate the candidate to be......

 Dec 3 2019 5:40PM  |    Shruti Dhawan  |  IELTS  |  Read More

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